Summer Tops under $35.00!

Best Summer Tops under $35.00!

Summer is here and our summer tops for women are a staple for your wardrobe for sure!  These tops will take you from day to night - for any occasion you may have. Whether you are hitting the town with some friends or out on a date with your significant other, you can rest assured these tops have the versatility to handle the entire day, keeping you looking beautiful and feeling comfortable.

Summer fashion should be easy with the 90 degree heat and it should not make you look anything less than great.  Check out these top 10 tops from the Rooted Shoppe all under $35.00!


1. Between Us Dot Top - $32.99

Between Us Dot Top

2. Mercy Floral Topo - $34.99

Mercy Floral Top - The Rooted Shoppe

3. Go Before Floral Top - $32.99

Go Before Floral Top - The Rooted Shoppe

4. Pressing Polka Dot Top - $32.99

Pressing Polka Dot Top - The Rooted Shoppe

5.  Peach Love Top - $32.99

Peach Love Top - The Rooted Shoppe

6. Greater Animal Print Top - $32.99

Greater Animal Print Top

7. Blessed Cold Shoulder Top - $34.99

Blessed Cold Shoulder Top - The Rooted Shoppe

8.  Floral Angel Top - $29.99

Floral Angel Top - The Rooted Shoppe

9. Floral Peplum Top - $31.99
Floral Peplum Top - The Rooted Shoppe

10. Pour Down Floral Babydoll Top - $29.99

Pour Down Floral BabyDoll Top - The Rooted Shoppe


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