Rooted's Amazon Favorites

The Rooted Shoppes Amazon Favorites

The Rooted Shoppe’s Amazon Favorites right now! Our top 10 Amazon products that we use daily! 



If you haven’t heard of the Olaplex products, you need to purchase immediately! You can’t go wrong with any of them! They are game changers when it comes to hair. You’re hair will thank you later when you start including these in your hair routine. We are obsessed with olaplex! 



Vital Proteins Chocolate Collagen Supplement

2022 is the year for good health. An easy way to start including it in your diet is a collagen supplement. This one is chocolate and so good to put in your breakfast smoothies. Collagen is good for increased muscle mass, prevention of bone loss, relieving joint pain, and improving skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness. Take a step to better health! 



Floating Invisible Shelf

When it comes to looking cute when you organize, these selves are perfect! They can match into any style of bathroom or room. They’re amazing for bathroom products storage. Super easy to set up and no damage to your wall. 

2022 Monthly Planner

Start the New Year off right with a planner to help you stay orgainzed. It’s never too late to start writing your plans and to do lists. We love this planner and how simple and easy it is. Cute gold detailing and space to have enough room to write in.  I am planner obsessed. I think I buy several and choose one or two to work through.  I personally love the penny pincher, and the get rich planners.  It can house everything! 


Simple Modern Cup

This cup keeps your water cold for days! So many colors and patterns to choose from. After you purchase, you will be carrying around this cup everywhere you go. You can choose straw or flip lid, however we love the straw! I am terrible at drinking enough water.  My goal this year is to drink lots of water.  To be honest I am failing! Any tips??? 

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Your next best friend is here! Washing your hair everyday can get extremely annoying so you need to find the best dry shampoo for your hair! We have been obsessed with Living Proof Dry Shampoo because it prevents hair from getting super greesy and oily looking!   What is one of your favorites? 


Color Pens

While writing your to do lists this year, write them with cute colored pens. Perfect for work, teachers, school and more! Make writing even more fun! My go to is the Paper Mate Flairs - but we all have our favorites! Whats yours? 



Revlon Brush

We all know the Dyson Airwrap is very trendy right now but this Revlon Brush does the same thing for way less of a price! It’s easy to work with and it’s affordable. Get in on the Blowout hairstyles this season!  

Bible Study

I bought this Couples Bible Study in December. This bible study is Wife in Pursuit, and truly was a great bible study to not only grow closer to God, but also to grow closer to your husband through it.  It was fun and such a great pick.  If I'm honest we got busy during the end of December and had havent finished it yet, but we said you could totally start it over and over if you wanted.  It gives date ideas, and other things. They also have one for your husband to do at the same time, which is called Husband in Pursuit!  I promise it's a game changer. 


Storage Basket

The clothes that you have sitting on your bedroom floor right now would look so good in this basket! Get organized this year and buy baskets for cute storage. We like to put blankets or clothes in these baskets! Stay tuned when we help you organize your closets in a future post! Send us a picture of yours for inspiration! Some of us could REALLY use it! 

What are some of your favorite go-to Amazon purchases?  Stay tuned to hear what else the girls at Rooted are shopping for every month on Amazon!   Its like you get to peak into our hearts!   



Stay Rooted!


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