Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

Summer has flown by and now we are entering the lovely season of autumn, which means it is time to revitalize your closet for fall. Your style reflects who you are, so finding fun fashion pieces that show off your unique flare is a must this season. Whether you gravitate towards the elegant, the casual, or somewhere in between, there’s something at the Rooted Shoppe for your unique taste and signature style. 

Fall is full of coziness, thankfulness, togetherness, and spending time with those we love - as well as signaling a beautiful change in seasons. Now is the best time to find your fall style for 2020, before we get too deep into the beautifully crisp weather. You probably have some favorite clothing items from autumns past, but perhaps you want a fresh element to reignite your style this year. Well, good news, ladies! You have come to the right place. 

Autumn Jackets

Ivory Buffalo Plaid Jacket

Autumn jackets add a seasonal flare to any ensemble. Whether you lean towards the neutral or the flamboyant, there's a jacket that reflects your fall style. A good fall jacket can spice up your everyday go-to outfit and give your look a little extra pizazz such as our Cropped Denim Jacket - and that might be just what your fall wardrobe needs this year. Think about the versatility: you can wear jackets over a fall dress or over a tee and your favorite pair of jeans and it looks great in both scenarios. 


Oversized Sweaters

Some things evoke a sense of comfort when you simply think about them...and boutique sweaters are on that list. Oversized sweaters are a wonderful choice during the fall because you cannot go wrong with a thick, comfortable, chic sweater when cooler weather comes around. Another thing to note is they are such versatile pieces to have at the ready. You can dress up an oversized sweater with elegant jewelry or wear it with your favorite tennis shoes on a casual night with friends - it really is up to you and what’s on the agenda. 


Distressed Jeans

We all understand the value a quality pair of jeans brings to our lives. Distressed jeans can be paired with cozy sweaters, elegant blouses, and cute jackets - there are no limits on how you want to show off your trendy jeans this fall. Distressed jeans not only keep you comfortable on a chilly evening, they are stylish and versatile and can be worn in a variety of settings. Having pieces that show off your unique style is a must in any fall 2020 closet - and a great pair of distressed jeans get the job done with a flare for the playful. 


Fall Dresses

Fall dresses are a great piece because you can pair them with a cute jacket and ankle boots and you're set. There’s just something about an autumn dress that takes your day from ordinary to fabulous, and when you accessorize with jackets, leggings, and other cool-weather items, you can rock dresses into the fall with confidence. You can go for a fancier look or a more relaxed vibe depending on your plans for the day (or evening), so don’t feel restricted to more formal events. We say make it your own. 


Cute Sweatshirts

Cute graphic sweatshirts mean both comfort and functionality, and that is a glorious combination for the woman with places to be. From sweatshirts with trendy graphics to sweet, simple options boasting vibrant colors, you can brighten up your fall wardrobe while keeping yourself comfy and cozy at home and out and about. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort when you have great sweatshirt options in your wardrobe - and whether you have a favorite fall go-to ensemble you want to revamp or you just need to find new ways to express yourself through fashion this upcoming season, a cute sweatshirt it going to up your game in comfort and style. 

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year, and fall outfits are a beautiful and fun part of the season. Your style is something special and you should embrace it wholeheartedly; after all, there is no one else like you. Have fun choosing your favorite fashion trends for fall this year...you might just find yourself in love with a new element in your fall lineup. Here at the Rooted Shoppe, we encourage you to enjoy the lovely autumn season and to discover your own favorite fall trends.

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