5 Perfect Outfits for Valentines Day

5 Perfect Outfits for Valentines Day

For all the ladies out there, we got you!  We understand finding that perfect outfit can make or break the day.  The perfect outfit for Valentines Day may depend on what you plan on doing; Is it your first date? Is it a nice evening out with your spouse? Is it a comfy galentine night in? We have the perfect outfit for you for Valentines Day!

1. Cozy Night In

Whether you decide to spend the night in with your family, special someone, or friend, we have the most comfortable outfit for Valentines day.  Watch your favorite movie on Netflix (ours is the Notebook, just released on Netflix by the way) or your  home playing games with your kids, who says you can't look great doing it?  Click the image to shop this item!

 Stronger Stripe Poncho-The Rooted Shoppe Womens Clothing Boutique

2. First Date

Ladies, it's your first date! Your palms are sweating, you're worried about your hair, makeup, among other things.  But don't worry about your outfit! We have the perfect outfit for Valentines Day here at the Rooted Shoppe.  Let us help make that first date go much better for you!  Click the image to shop this item!

Into The Beautiful Pocket Dress- The Rooted Shoppe Womens Clothing Boutique

3. Fancy Dinner Out

Ok, who has been married for years, has lots of kids and needs a night out?  Well most of us do! No matter if we have kids or not, we think a night out is always deserved for all women. Dress up, get beautiful, and go out to watch a new movie and eat at your favorite restaurant. This perfect outfit is for all and available at the Rooted Shoppe. Click the image for the perfect Valentines Day outfit.

One Life To Love Baby Doll Dress - The Rooted Shoppe Womens Clothing Boutique

4. Ladies Night - Galentine Approved

Some of us ladies just want a Galentine night out! If your single, not single, no plans, just grab your girlfriends and hit the town! It's Valentines Day so looking good, laughing with your friends, and having a great time is all you need for these cold winter days.  Whether you go see a movie, shop around town, or binge watch Netflix, grab this outfit! Click the image to shop! 

Never Let Go Floral Top-The Rooted Shoppe Womens Clothing Boutique


5. Casual Night Out or In

Here's our final outfit idea for you...  How many of us think Valentines is overrated? Although we love all the things here at the shoppe, we still have things to do and people to see.  Sometimes dressing the part is just enough. Whether you have events with your kids, or need to grab groceries, this outfit is for you! 



 There are lots of trendy and cute clothes for anytime of the season here at the Rooted Shoppe, especially that perfect Valentines Day you're dreaming of!  We hope you enjoyed some of our favorite perfect Valentines Day outfits! Shop anytime at the Rooted Shoppe online, or in store! 


-Stay Rooted

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